Self Designed Chess Set

Introduction: Self Designed Chess Set

This is an instrucatble about 3D printing and a classic game that everybody knows: CHESS. Being a fan of those two things i have designed a chess set on my own and printed it with a 3D printer. So i share it on several 3D print plateform, so that if you like it you can make it...

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Step 1: Download .STL Files

If you like my chess set, you just have to download the STL files herewith.

Step 2: Use a Slicer Software

To 3D print there are a lot of different software. If you use Makerbot you have to use Makerware. If you use an other 3D printer there are several software like Slicer or Repetier. You just have to open the STL files in this software which will slice it in layers so that the printer can print the pieces. For the horse you just have to increase the size by then (a small bug) on the software you use. If you are using the Makerbot software you can download the following files...

Step 3: 3D Print

Then you just have to launch the 3D printing on you printer by cable, SD card, USB, etc....

You have to print:

- 2 Queens (one of each color)

- 2 Kings (one of each color)

- 2 Towers (one of each color)

- 2 Bishops (one of each color)

- 2 Horses (one of each color)

- 16 Pawns (8 of each color)

To do so I used the 3D printer of a Fab-Lab near me, so if you have the chance to visit one it is handsome or you can ask someone you know who own a 3D printer, if you have one it is even beter...

Step 4: Play

Now you just have to play on a board or in a parc. Or you can make your own board.... (it's not so hard)

In addition you can also make a box to store your pieces.


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Looks great! Thank you for sharing the files. Nice job on your first Instructable!