Self-putting Out Fire


Introduction: Self-putting Out Fire

About: Sheep lay eggs?

Sorry for the lack of instructables (revision for GCSE's) so here is a make up !

Step 1: Base

Step 2: Add a Layer

Step 3: Add a Log and Some Sand

Step 4: Light the Netherrack

Step 5: Wait.......

Step 6: Wait Some More.......

Step 7: At Last ! the Fire Is Out !

Step 8: The End

Thank you doodz for you continued support and it really means a lot to have it so well yeah!
Remember to say in the comments what you wanna see next ! :D



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    Again, bobey what is the problem?


    4 years ago


    Dats pretty smartz!!!!!!

    Oooohkayyyyyy it looks like DaveDude12 has won!!!

    1 day left to vote for what to do next and I will make a shout out to you :P
    So hurry and get typin'!
    See you soon! :D

    Nice idea ! Next you should make a roller coaster

    Cool! You should make a minecraft helicopter or speeder (vehicle)