SelfCAD 3D Cabinet

Introduction: SelfCAD 3D Cabinet

In This tutorial we can learn how to create 3d cabinet in selfcad with some basic command line extrusion, insert, and add details, Check it out!!!

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Step 1: Creating Top and Bottom Base

> First drop and drag cube objek

> Use face selection and select on the top face. Use move tools to move in green axis

> After it we can use extrusion tools, to extrude with amount 5

> Next you can select all side face, and extrude again with individual and connect neighbors.

For the bottom

> Deselect face selection

> Click modify > add details. Select from top and hold, move to the bottom. It will be create new edges (make sure automatic loop finding active

> Do the same steps, to extrude all faces

Step 2: Editing Top Face

> Use face selection > and select at front face

> Click modify > insert and give amount 3

> Next you can press ctrl button (hold) > move drop and drag to the right

> After it select 3d model object, click modify > add detail. And you can create 3 new edges

Step 3: Create Hole

> Use face selection and select front face

> Click modify > insert > active individual and give amount 1

> Click modify > extrusion > and move to back, so it will be create hole

Step 4: Creating Door

> Select Surface object. Use edge editing, and select all edges

> Click utilities > Snaps > and click on bottom in front 3d model, to move the surface

> Next you can use rotate with specific gizmo location

> Afterit we can use add thickness with amount 3

Step 5: Video Tutorial

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