SelfCAD 3D Headset Stand


Introduction: SelfCAD 3D Headset Stand

In this tutorial we can learn how to create simple headset stand in selfcad with some basic command, check it out!!!

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Step 1: Sketching 3D Stand

- Use reference image to attach image into drawing area

- Next you can use 3d sketch and combining between line and arc tools to create profile from image

Step 2: Convert Into 3D Model

- Select 2d profile and use fill polygons to convert into surface. You can use extrusion with amount 50 to convert into 3d surface

- After it, you can pick polygon selection and select top face, press delete button

- To convert into 3d solid, we can use add thickness with amount 7

Step 3: Creating Hole

- Now change into left views

- Click 3d Sketch > change plane into left/right > next you can draw cirlce

- Move circle into center, and use scale to change into ellipse

- Use fill polygon next extrusion with amount 200

- We can use subtract to cut main object with 3d ellipse

Step 4: VideoTutorial SelfCAD 3D Headset Stand

This is video tutorial Selfcad how to create 3d headset stand

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