SelfCAD 3D Paper Clip

Today we can learn how to create 3d paper clip in Selfcad with some basic command like tracking and follow path tools

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Step 1: Insert Reference Image

- Click View > Reference Image

- Will be open reference image dialog box in left. Next click add image

- Search paperclip image > open

- You can set opacity into 50

- Now paperclip image will be attach in drawing window

Step 2: Tracking Image With 3D Sketch

- Click drawing > 3d sketch

- Click top view and you can use line and arc 2 point command to tracking the image

- After tracking complete, you can create circle object with radius 1

Step 3: Convert 3D Model With Follow Path

- First we need to select circle object, next we can select path object

- Click tools > Follow Path. Click preview in left toolbar, and you can see we create 3d paperclip but with small diameter

- Click ok to apply

Step 4: Use Thickness to Create More Diameter

- Select only 3d paperclip

- Next click modify > add thickness

- You can set thickness into 4 or 5 or as you wish until proportion with image

- Click ok, and we already create 3d paperclip

Step 5: Video Tutorial SelfCAD 3D Paperclip

You can see video tutorial how to create 3d paperclip with selfcad

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