SelfCAD 3D Plastic Bottle

In this tutorial we can learn how to create 3d plastic bottle with selfcad, check it out!!!

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Step 1: Sketching

First you can insert reference image into drawing

And next use 3d sketch to sketching from reference image

You can use line and arc tools to make sketching more easy

In this steps we create 4 profile, body profile, head profile and 2 pipe profile (path and circle)

Step 2: Convert Into 3d Solid

To convert from profile into 3d solid, you can use revolve command

Click tools > revolve > use revolve around edge

Step 3: Combine All Objects

Final steps you can combine all object into one by using move or align tools, and next use union command

Step 4: Video Tutorial SelfCAD 3d Bottle

See our video selfcad tutorial how to create 3d bottle

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