SelfCAD Modeling 3D Single Wrench

Introduction: SelfCAD Modeling 3D Single Wrench

Today we will learn how to create single wrench in 3d sketch tools with SelfCAD application. Check it out!!

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Step 1: Creating Wrench 2D Sketch

- Click drawing > 3d sketch

- By using line and arc command you can create 2d sketch like image

- In this case, we create 3 profile. Profile 1, Profile 2 and Profile 3

Step 2: Convert Into 3D Model

- Select profile 1 > Click tools > Fill Polygon (its will be create surface)

- Click modify > add thickness to convert into 3d solid

- You also can do same steps to profile 2 and profile 3

- Select profile 1 and profile 2, next we can use subtract command to create hole

Step 3: Subtract With Profile 3

- First we need to copy profile 3

- Next you can put those profile in to and bottom of union object

- Finally we can use subtract command to cut union profile

Step 4: Video Tutorial SelfCAD 3D Wrench

You also can see video tutorial how to create 3d wrench with selfcad steps by steps

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