SelfCAD Snap Tools With Related Point

Introduction: SelfCAD Snap Tools With Related Point

This is selfcad basic tutorial how to move an object with snap tools by related point, check it out!!!

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Step 1: Default Move Point

- As example we have 2 different object

- Select union box and cylinder object, next you can click utilities > snap

- Click on the top box face, and the object will be move into it

- As default, located base point will be in bottom center of box and cylinder object

Step 2: Specific Point

- If You want to change move point from bottom into specific point, you can click set related point

- Next for example you can click at top center point of cylinder

Step 3: Move the Object

- Now if you click on center face of 3d box, it will be connect between cylinder face and box face.

- Its mean, if you can to change move point, you can use related point options in snap command

Step 4: Video Tutorial

Watch video tutorial selfcad move object with snap related point options

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