Selfie Stick Hands Free Stand

Intro: Selfie Stick Hands Free Stand

Greetings from beautiful Croatia!

Here's a small project I made while I was on a vacation. I have brought a selfie stick on a vacation instead of standard camera stand/tripod as a lightweight option to take photos of myself without risking my camera/phone falling from pier in sea. I made it from items I found in my room, here's how to do it.

Step 1: What You'll Need

- one grill pliers/tongs

- a drill

- two nails

- felt stickers

- plastic furniture "cap legs"

Step 2:

Disassemble your grill pliers/tongs to salvage it's "arms" as a wood to work with. If you can find any other source of thin lightweight wood feel free to use that instead.
Cut the thin pieces of wood to desired length. There is no right or wrong answer, cut it the way it suits you best. I have kept mine on a shorter side in order to fit in my pocket.
Drill the hole through the middle of both pieces of wood to acomodate the screw that fits the threads at the bottom of the selfie stick. The same thread diamater is used on all cameras.
As you can see from the images, I have glued felt stickers on one piece and nailed furniture "caps" on other in order to counter screw head size, and prevent wobbling. The wood used is way too thin to counter-sink for the screw head. Therefore this methos is used.

Step 3: Assembling the Stand

Now assemble the stand in the cross (or X if you're an aggresive atheist), and tighten the nut by hand!
It's important to tighten the nut by hand, otherwise you won't be able to disassemble it by hand while sightseeing.
As you can see from the images felt stickers and furniture caps are just thick enough to keep the screw head from touching the ground and keep it from wobbling.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Ultralight Selfie Stick Stand!

P.S. You can use it also as a mini stand for a normal point and shoot camera, but because unlike selfie stick it doesn't have adjustable angle head, it doesn't excell in that mode. But it's still way more stable than balancing camera on it's own.



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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Ever heard of a photographer's tripod? Much easier to carry around if you get one of the smaller ones. Then just figure out a way to make it hold your phone if you prefer that to a real camera. Shouldn't be that hard.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for the input.
    That's true, but I was already on a vacation when I noticed the need for such a device. So ordering something online wasn't possible.
    + it had to fit inside shorts pocket, so tripods are out of the question.
    Also someone might find this instructable useful, because they don't want to purchase the item they'll use only once.


    2 years ago

    Cell phone adapter for tripod available on ebay for $1.