Semi Automatic Butane Noise Maker.

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It's a work in the progress, I notice a lot of people make these little
"office toys" and such, also came across pop guns that use propane or MAPP gas, there's even a guy out there that runs a page using propane and oxygen to make machine gun simulators. Ultimately ... to run a semi-automatic set up you need something better than a peizo-ignition system. I've been alternating between a plasma arc, propane ignition from a bbq that uses AAA batteries and a low grade stun gun. The key to all this is an air mixter venturi set up, the holes on pencil torches and larger torches.

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Step 1:

The set up you see is a pencil torch, a low grade stun gun, a bbq lighter, plastic syringe and a part out of a vaporizer tank. which I got the most reliable and loudest pops from. I damaged a restricting ring inside it unfortunately while messing around so it's altered the way the gas flows and my current set up which seems more reliable ignition and without the crackle (plasma arc) it doesn't produce the same blue loud pops as brightly) also getting the air fuel mixture and location of the inlets requires some tweaks.. I really want to make this nicer, and finish it off however I have limited time but still wanted to get this out there to inspire, and let people know that a micro semi automatic pop gun is possible (assuming that nobody has done this, yet.) Hopefully I will find the time and money to complete this, anyways cheers.



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