Semi-Automatic Knex Shotgun V2.0 Instructions

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The first pic is the original, guys. This is my Knex Shotgun. It's a true semi-automatic knex gun. Hold six shells (bullets) and is jam free. Also this gun is very reliable and of my own design.

With small .64 rubber bands i got it to shoot 50-65 feet. I rebuilt the stock and the handle is more comfy, also the trigger is better! Rudimentary sights, open to ideas, put any improvements you can think of in comments pls.(or pm me)

Step 1: Stock

Build this from the pics

Step 2: Handle and Semi-auto Mech

Build this.

Step 3: The Barrel and Fore Grip.

This is pretty self-explanatory. Just look at the pics

Step 4: Connect to the Body.

Now connect it to the body, pretty easy.

Step 5: Loading Mech

Now Build this and insert here.

Step 6: Build These.

Attach like so.

Step 7: Rubber Bands and Loading

Here's how to attach them and load it. Repeat the process to load multiple bullets, max is seven with tiny mod



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    The Knex Inventor

    1 year ago

    Neat project, KnexMasterCreator! I may have to build it. Favorited and Subscribed. :)

    BTW, have you considered building something to enter in my Unofficial Instructables 2017 K'NEX Gun Contest? It is open from January 16th, 2017 to May 29th, 2017. The official contest rules and prize descriptions are listed on the contest page.


    2 years ago

    Hmm I can't find the comments I got an email for. Well, good luck with the crane

    You didn't hyperlink the entire link, only part of it. The first link I copied and pasted into Google and saw :)

    im bui;din a knex overhead crane, my response may be a little slow. have to use a chair to stand on an build xD


    2 years ago

    mine is taller and slight longer boom building it in the garage


    2 years ago

    found this on google looks almost exactly like mine cant put my own pics up for some reason

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Good gun, stock needs work, I didn't know its a RBG thought so the semi auto mech isn't very impressive... Sorry :/

    7 replies

    thank for the feedback, altho its not exactly a rbg as it shoots knex, i thot an rbg only shot rubbr bands. im open to ideas for the stock, as it has been a problem since i run out of green rods!

    yuo put six rubber bands on the wheel btween the green rods(one rubberband between each green rod). then load up six bullets. as you pull the trigger then let go the first band comes up and fires the first bullet. pul the trig again and another bullet fires and so on so it is semi auto in a way.

    Okay, its a semi auto for 6 shots. I don't think I've seen a mech like this before. Its still a good gun :)

    Oh I get it dw. Honestly its more of a shotgun than an assault rifle. It looks like one and functions like one :) the semi auto isn't really semi auto because you have to load the bands and bullet manually. Good start for a gun though :)