Semi Healthy Dessert Drink




Introduction: Semi Healthy Dessert Drink

Its a very tasty drink that you can whip up in about 15 seconds for kids. It makes them feel like there getting something sweet and sugary but there getting calcium and a little bit of sugar

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

Ok this step is designed for one (1) glass so if you need multiple cups of it just multiply

8 fl. oz. of milk ( and % )
2-3 table spoons for vanilla coffee creamer ( coffee mate makes the best )
2 ice cubes

Ya its very simple

Step 2: Mix It Up!

If you want let your kids help here

add the 2-3 tbs of the creamer to one nice cold glass of milk, mix up and add the ice. test the drink to make sure its just sweet enough but not to sweet or else the little ones will be bouncing off the walls



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    try cooked white rice, milk, 2 tsp of cinnamon and 2tsp of sugar.

    For a MUCH healthier drink, which kids also love:
    1 c milk (full-fat if for kids, lowfat or even skim if for adults)
    1-1/2 c fresh strawberries
    1-3 Tbs honey, or to taste, depending on the berries
    3-4 ice cubes
    Place ingredients in blender & whomp until frothy & smooth (no large chunks of ice remain). This makes two delicious sevings.
    I believe this is an Hispanic drink, but don't know the name. I saw it, of all places, on the Diego kids cartoon show, when I was at my grandkids' home. Nothing would do but that we try it. Was a huge success.

    I used to drink this when I was little. It is deceptively unhealthy.

    this made me think of a Mongoulian drink that is I believe sugar and milk but I don't know what it is called. Does anybody know what it might be called or how it is traditional made?


    11 years ago

    sounds pretty good i need to buy some papaya ikill

    I don't know... Non-dairy creamers tend to use a palm oils and sugar. Not healthy for anyone.


    11 years ago

    HamO sorry about the typo but thanks larry they enjoy it and if its not sweet enough you can always add a little bit more, oh and by the way petervg the do drink milk, all the time this is not supposed to make them drink milk it is to make them NOT eat ice cream

    Quite sad that you can't get the kids to drink milk, but they will drink creamer? Gotta wonder.

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    Actually, I have a 5 year old autistic niece who up to 2 years ago would never drink milk but loved yogurt. My wife and I made this big production of drinking Ovaltine. We played it up as a fantastic adult treat (actually, it wasn't too obnoxious) and she couldn't wait to have some. Each time we made it for her we used less powder and more milk. After 2 weeks, she was on pure milk. I guess it's all in how you approach it. I think this might have worked as well if we played it up as an "ice cream drink".

    I drink lots more milk than most people but I gate yogurt.

    They do drink milk this is supposed to be an ice cream substitute and its not creamer is about 95 percent milk 5 percent creamer its just for the sweet taste to make it taste like a desert

    Most non-dairy creamer is really quite inert biologically (by most reports, others have great fears of it). I tried this with some kind of mint chocolate creamer someone gave me (I guess it says something about my circle of friends when they give me four bottles of mint chocolate non-dairy creamer they somehow wound up with) and my kids felt it tasted ok (as did I, at least on par with store-brand chocolate milk and possibly a tad above). I can't imagine it's a whole lot worse then milk reading the nutritional info on the creamer (not that it involves all that much of it). A bit terse and lackluster on the demo, but a totally ok tip.


    11 years ago

    Will this dessert drink keep ok in the desert?