3D Printable Semi-Volatile Memory

Introduction: 3D Printable Semi-Volatile Memory

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3D print your own Semi-Volatile Memory desktop action toy!

Ever wondered what that box of desktop components in your closet was planning? Self-aware componentry can be fairly dangerous especially if your not exactly sure what your looking for. When scanning your various parts for potential malicious conscientiousness I can provide at least one known variant, the Semi-Volatile Memory or "SVM".

I have encountered multiple SVM's recently and worked out a mutual agreement with the group allowing them full desk surface egress at work and home in return they will not induce hard stop errors or memory buffer overflows on my work and home PC/MAC's. I pretty much had to take the deal...

Here is the general walk-through process I used to create SVM; https://www.instructables.com/id/Basic-workflow-for-3D-design-in-Sketchup-and-3D-pr/ even if you don't have a 3D printer you can join in the fun that is rapid prototyping!!

Assembly Instructions:

1.) Print the "HeadAndFoot" for the 8GB RAM stick and SD card
2.) Print the "BodyAndArms" for the 8GB FOB drive, USB cables and A type connectors
3.) Clean if needed with an X-ACTO knife
4.) Fit head to body
5.) Fit body to foot
6.) Fit hands to arms
7.) Fit arms into desired arm hole on body depending on preferred angle

Place SVM on your desktop and yield to his never-ending semi-volatile memory assault!

Head on over to: http://www.123dapp.com/skp-3D-Model/Semi-Volatile-Memory/597899 for the source file which is free to download and hack all you like!

Make on ya'll!  (I can say that, I live in Texas...)

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