Semi Auto Pen Airsoft Gun W/ Mag




The RIGHT way to make a pen airsoft gun. This one is changed to make it semi auto and have changeable mags to put in more bb's faster.


Step 1: Materials

What you will need
2 or more pens that have round outer casing

mechanical pencil

tape (preferably electric tape but duct tape works. NO SCOTCH TAPE)

razor blade

rubber band

airsoft bb's if you want to use the clip, spitballs if not

Step 2: Disassemble the Pen

The first thing to do is take apart the pen. Make sure there is a tube that is the same size all the way through like in my picture. When your taking the little stopper thing in the end off you can usually get it out with the razor or a nail.

Step 3: Bb Feed Hole

Now you have to cut the hole in the pen where the bb's fall through. It will actually be more like a square. Cut it like i did in the pictures. Be sure when your cutting the short sides to use a sawing motion so the bb's will roll trough the barrel smoothly.

Step 4: Making the Mag Holder

now you need something to put the mag onto so it stays in place but can be taken out. I used a pen cap. All you do is simply cut off the end of the pen cap to let the bb's fall through into the hole that you just made in the barrel. Then, so you can tape it down, cut two parallel lines both about 1/4 of the way into the pen. When you fold out the flaps back it should look like a banana or a shotgun in a cartoon when elmer fud sticks his fingers in the end and pulls the trigger.

Step 5: Taping the Holder and the Barrel Together

Put the flaps so that the wide ones cover the sides of the holes and the skinny ones line up on the barrel. Now take a really long piece of tape and tape those things together like its nobody's buisness. Before you tape it all the way though make sure when u drop a bb in the top hole it goes all the way down and rolls out the front of the barrel. This will most likely take a while if your doing it for the first time so be patient.

Step 6: Mechanical Pencil Thingy

now the next thing you need is the thing that holds the led and eraser in a mechanical pencil. to get it out unscrew the tip of the pencil and push down the eraser (like you do to make led come out) and then cut the metal thing that comes out that is holding the piece you want in. After you cut it, it should slide out the back easily. Now if there is any cut off the rest of the plastic thats on the piece. when you have it out make a wide cut in the eraser thats big enough for the rubber band to fit into.

Step 7: Adding the Rubberband

To put the rubber band on hold it in place on the tip of the barrel and tape it TIGHTLY. Make sure to leave enough rubber band to put over the pen cap and around in the groove of the mechanical pencil part and so it is still loose enough to pull the piece back beyond the feed hole.

Step 8: Mag

This is the last step and its really easy, just take the guts out of another, fill it with bb's, put the cap back on so it looks like a perfectly normal pen and put it in your pocket.

Step 9: You Done!

Now you're finished! Take it with you when your walking around so when a pack of rabid wolves attacks you, you can get away easily. Actually not really, I shot a ton of ppl in the back with this and they couldn't even feel it. This thing is probably the safest gun in the world. Its range is like 10 feet but im sure you can make it go farther. also, for spitballs do the same thing only don't cut a hole in the barrel and don't make a mag on anything. Just a pen casing with a mechanical pencil part and a rubber band.



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    27 Discussions

    Master Wasi

    5 years ago on Introduction

    how to make it without a mechanical pencil ? I don't have any mechanical pencil

    I've always wanted to make one of these!  I bought a box of bic pens just to make one of these!  I'm gonna try to find a way to use the "guts" of the pen to shoot instead of the part of the mechanical pencil.  The nice thing about the mags is that if you keep the "guts," you can turn it back into a pen.

    1 reply

    8 years ago on Introduction

    i have a beter design with a grip mag and it uses metal bbs and uses water bottle for mag/hopper.


    9 years ago on Introduction

     thank you for this awesome instructable. I use real bronze BB which shoot really hard!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    the reason u dint get much rain or power is because u need to tighten your rubberband


    10 years ago on Introduction

    also my ramrod keeps breaking when i shoot . how do i make it not break as much so i dont spend a fortune on mechanical pencils?

    2 replies

    i made this butthere was no way to controle it so only 1 bb fell out at a time ,they all just fell out at once. otherwise good ible


    10 years ago on Step 6

    for this part instead of the mechanical pencil thing i used a golf tee