Semolina Milk Pudding



Introduction: Semolina Milk Pudding

- Semolina milk pudding also called as semolina payasam is one of the tasty dessert which can be prepared with few ingredients.

- Here semolina is cooked in milk and then sugar is added finally garnished with nuts an draisins


- Half cup semolina

- 4 cups milk

- 3/4 cup sugar

- Nuts and raisins of your choice

Step 1: Sauteing

-Take little ghee in vessel and add chopped nuts and raisins of your choice.Saute them till they change little brown color.Remove and transfer them to plate

Step 2: Saute Semolina

To same vessel add teaspoon ghee and add half cup semolina.Saute till it changes little color and you get nice aroma.

Step 3: Add Milk

Add 4 cups milk and stir continuosly on medium flame.

Step 4: Add Sugar and Sauted Nuts,raisins

Add 3/4 cup sugar and previously sauted nuts and raisins and mix

Step 5: Cook for 20 Minutes on Low Flame

Cook for about 20 minutes by mixing in intervals till semolina is cooked and milk is reduced in volume

Step 6: Garnish With Nuts and Raisins

Finally garnish with nuts and raisins and serve .

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