Semolina Sweet Balls




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The sweet semolina panniyaram can be made for evening snacks with no time.Some people used to make this recipe in festival season.The ingredients also very simple which we usually have in all our kitchen.Especially kids will love it.

Step 1: Ingredients:


Semolina/rava- 1 cup

Milk- 2 tbsp

Salt- a pinch

Sugar- half cup

Grated coconut -1/2 cup

Cardamon powder- a pinch (optional)

Step 2: Instructions:

1. Soak the semolina in water about one hour

2. After one hour it will absorb all the water.Now its ready to make the batter.Now transfer the soaked semolina,salt,sugar,milk into the blender

3. Blend this as a fine paste

4. Transfer the batter to the bowl,Now add grated coconut into it

5.Now check the consistency of the batter it should be like idly batter consistency

6. Its ready to make the panniyaram,take the panniyaram pan,grease some oil or ghee into it

7. Pour the batter into the pan

8. After 10 mins turn it to the next side.Cook in a medium low flame otherwise it wont cook inside so cook in a low flame throughout the cooking

Step 3: Final Output:

The outer side of the panniyaram is very crispy and inner side is very very soft.Yummy snack for evening time



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    1 year ago

    looks really tasty, now i'm craving it