Senior Project

1952 Fender Model Telecaster


Step 1: Wood Glue Composite Pieces of Wood Together and Hold With Vices

Step 2: Draw the Telecaster Shape From the Wood Using a Printed Layout

Step 3: Drill From Outside of the Shape (this Part Will Be Done With the CNC Machine)

Step 4: Remove the Excess Material

Step 5: Outline Routing of Components

Step 6: Remove Wood for Fretboard

Step 7: Order Metal and Electrical Components

Step 8: Test Fit the Neck and Make Any Necessary Sanding Adjustments With All the Various Sanding Methods in the Shops

Step 9: Route the Rest of the Cavities (this Will Also Be Done With the CNC Machine) When Finished, Solder and Screw Everything Together and Install Pickups

Step 10: Add Any Varnishes, Clear Coats, Stains, Etc. and Screw in Pick Guard in Adjustment With Rest of Components (example)

Step 11: Example of Finished Product (without Finishes)



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    1 year ago

    That looks nice, I'd love to hear how it sounds! :)