Sensible Gun Control Billboard

It seems to me, the main stumbling block to getting Congress to enact Sensible Gun Control, is the fear, among gun owners, that Gun Control means, taking their guns away. NO! We progressives just want the mass-shooting events to STOP! For instance, how about just making it harder for someone, like Nikolas Cruz or Stephen Paddock to acquire weapons.

But, how to get the message across? How to surmount NRA propaganda?

With a bunch of Billboards!!

Step 1: Download the Artwork

Download and save the PDF. This is the artwork that will be used to create the Billboard. It can be loaded into Adobe Illustrator or just used as a PDF to provide the artwork needed to print the panels on a billboard.

Step 2: Find a Local Billboard Company

Seek out billboard providers in your area. You can do this by finding actual billboards and looking for contact info on the structure. Or consult a "yellow pages" in your area. Try the library or your local telephone provider office. Or, Google it!

Contact said billboard provider and find out if there is any space available and if so, how much it costs to rent.

Typically, a billboard will cost anywhere from $600 to $5000 per month. The better it's visibility, the more it will, likely, cost.

Step 3: Raise Some Money.

If you, yourself, can't afford rental on a billboard (few can), try finding someone, locally, who not only can, but is willing to. Try a Craigslist ad (or equivalent). Here's some ad copy you can use:

"Have you had enough of senseless gun violence? Frustrated with lack of response from Legislators? Bewildered by the inane fear among gun owners that Progressives want to take away their guns? Do you have $????.?? lying around waiting for a good cause?
Then, fund a "Sensible Gun Control" billboard. Message me and lets get this done!

Or start a Crowdfunding campaign:


Step 4: Get It on Up There!

Order your billboard!

Step 5:



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