Sensors Galore

Introduction: Sensors Galore

This is a brief introduction to using the Intel Edison and integrating a few Grove Sensors. Then sensors include...

1. Light Sensor

2. Sound Sensor

3. Temperature Sensor

4. Combustion Gas Sensor

5. Accelerator


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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Materials include the following...

1. Intel Edison Board

2. Base Shield

3. Temperature Sensor

4. Accelerometer

5. Combustion Sensor

6. Ambient Light Sensor

7. Sound Sensor

8. 4 connector wires

Step 2: Connecting the Hardware

Connect the the Base Shield on top of the Edison as seen in the picture above.

Step 3: Connect the Sensors

Connect all of the sensors according to the picture above. The ports that will be used are the analog ports and one I2C port. The sound sensor goes in A0, the combustion gas sensor goes in A1, the light sensor goes in A2, the temperature sensor goes in A3, and the accelerometer goes in the I2C compartment as pictured above.

Step 4: Getting Hooked Up

Make sure everything is plugged in. That includes the port for data transmission, the port for power, as well as the overall power supply.

Step 5: Get the Libraries

Now for the software. Make sure all of the following libraries are downloaded. Libraries are below.


2. The IoTkit zip file.

Step 6: Download the .ino File

Download the .ino file named IoTdataSender2.ino

Step 7: Run

Run the code!

All of the data acquired from all of the sensors can be pushed to the Intel cloud for analysis. For more information about data analytics and the Edison please refer to the following instructable...

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