Sensory Board

Today I will be showing you how to make a sensory board so that you can sharpen your senses,this can be for children or for people with dementia

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Step 1: Get Wood

Find a base for the project that suits our needs and how big you want to make the project. In my project i used a 2'x`1' piece of wood as the base for my project

Step 2: Find Carpet Samples to Put on Your Board

You can go to a local home depot to find carpet and wood flooring samples top put on your board.

Step 3: Cut Out Shapes and Spray Paint Different Colors

You want to cut out the shapes and use different colors to help with recognition of colors and shapes.

Step 4: Cutout Hexagon Spinners on the Laser Cutter

You want to cut out hexagon spinners on the laser cutter, along with other sized circles so that the shape is able to rotate, when you are done cutting, you want to spray paint the shapes different colors.

Step 5: Zipper Pull

Put a zipper on the two extra circles you have form the spinner and super glue it down to the board. After that because the zipper handle is small you want to tie a piece of wire around to make a handle.

Step 6: Done

You are now finished making your sensory board

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    2 years ago

    That's a cute one, I like the flowers :)