Sensual Black N White Photo Effect

Introduction: Sensual Black N White Photo Effect

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Hi! :)

Today we gonna make cool and very simple effect in Adobe Photoshop. Let's call it "Sensual Black n White Photo Effect", after few very simple steps you add great sensual atmsphere to your photos.

Sources for this lesson:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS 3+
  • I choose this photo, but you can take any photo which you like.
  • 10 minutes of free time :)

Let's start!

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Step 1: Opening Photo in PS

First of all - open your photo in Photoshop and check your background and foreground setting - it should be black and white.

Step 2: Black N White Effect

Now go to layer- new adjustment layer - gradient map.

Just after creating this new layer your photo will looks like image above

Step 3: Curves Correction

Now select your image and go to: image-adjustment-curves and change the value like on image above.

Step 4: Exposure Correction

Now it's time to show you the secret of vintage faded look! ;)

Select your image and go to: image-adjustments-exposure and change the values like on image above. (0.00/0.0400/1.0)

Now our photo looks pretty nice!

Step 5: Light Leaks Effect

Now go to layer- new fill layer- gradient. Change the color of gradient to feb057 and make the opacity like on image above. Change opacity of points 100% and 0%.

After this change the of gradient to 180.

Step 6: Photo Is Ready! :)

So, our photo effect is ready! Hope you like the result! :)

If you want more similar instant effects, check my effects set on creativemarket: Sensual Art

This effect set will help you to save you time (all effects works by one click) and add sensual atmosphere to your photos.

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