Separating an Egg the Easiest Way Possible.




Introduction: Separating an Egg the Easiest Way Possible.

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This is a very easy way of separating the yolk and white of an egg. This method was taught to me by my Mother (who assisted with the photos) when I was a child and is very simple and easy making it great if teaching children to make recipes requiring only the yolk or white of an egg.

Forget messily straining the egg through your fingers, deftly shuffling the yolk back and forth between the two shell halves etc or sucking up the yolk(s) with a plastic soda bottle both of which are a bit hard for little hands!

For this method you will need;
1. Small plate or saucer.

2.Egg cup

3. As many eggs as you like.

4. Jug or something to pour egg whites into.

5. Something to store egg yolks (not shown)

The Eagle Eyed among readers will notice I cheated and photographed this while making Scrambled Eggs as there are yolks and whites in the jug! ;-)

Step 1: First Crack Your Egg.

Crack the egg onto the plate and set eggshell aside.

Step 2: Invert the Egg Cup

Take the egg cup and carefully invert it over the egg yolk.


DO NOT PRESS DOWN just let the egg cup's own weight do the work.

If you press down with some larger egg yolks the cup will cut the edge of the yolks membrane.

Step 4: Separating the Egg

Now holding the egg cup gently in place lift the saucer and pour the egg white off the plate into the jug or other receptacle.

Step 5: FINISHED! :-)

Remove the Egg Cup and Voila one neatly separated egg yolk! :)



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    This is a really cool idea. But, you can also just use a plastic bottle. lightly squeeze the bottle and suck up the yolk.

    3 replies

    I guess you only looked at the pictures and didn't bother to actually READ the text where I stated "or sucking up the yolk(s) with a plastic soda bottle both of which are a bit hard for little hands!" ? :(

    OK, you can calm down now. Not everybody has the time to read every single word in a huge instructable.

    I am perfectly calm thank you. However if you are going to comment on an instructable which is actually not that "huge" you really should take the trouble to read it first to make sure you're not making yourself look silly by suggesting an alternative which is specifically excluded in the text.