Septagon Stool

Introduction: Septagon Stool


Hi, here you have a stool data for TENKAIZU BUDOUKAI. This stool is designed for tall persons (about 6 feets tall) like me.. Parts are structured by 24 pcs (include 16 duplicate parts) of 2.5 thickness MDF and easy assemble with no glue. Please try to make that and I hope you like it.... Thanks,



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    It would be really helpful if you could put the size of the stool and the size of the materials used/required for this project.

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    Stool outline to be H=630mm, W/D=432mm ( diameter ). If you have any question, please let me know. Thanks,

    Thanks for visit. Please try " Individual-A " that I just updated. This sample are divided with 7 sheets of 730mm x 435mm. I hope that would be work.