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Introduction: Sequined Heart Headband

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I've been wanting to make this headband for a while. I had the idea of it in my head but hadn't gotten around to it. Luckily my friend Laurel wanted to have a headband making day so voila. I LOVE IT.

Step 1:

It's so easy all you need is

   - felt
    -head band (you can use a traditional one but I'm obsessed with the elastic ones because they are so comfy)
    -loose sequence
    -tacky glue (make sure it works with fabric, the clear one does not I recommend the kind in my photo)

Step 2:

What to do

1    Cut out a heart template. Hold it up to your head in a mirror to make sure you like the size.

2    Cut your felt out in your heart shape (of course you can do any other shape you want too, I may have to do a star next!)

3    Stand in front of the mirror with the head band on and hold the felt up to your head/headband to see what position you want. mark it in some way so you know where you want to sew or glue so it sits right when it's on your head. A fabric marker or pin should work.

4    Attach your felt to your head band. I sew mine on with a three step zig zag but if you have a heard headband you should be able to glue it on

5    Start gluing the sequence by adding glue to a small section (like an inch) and individually placing sequence.
    Repeat, trying not to become too annoyed at how long it's taking or that your fingers keep sticking to each other and everything else because it'll be worth it.

6    Let dry.

 7   Wear your headband with pride.

This was originally posted on my blog here.

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