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The NK3AE is a tactical army dedicated to advanced mil-sim Nerf wars. We have the advanced tactics, equipment, and skills necessary to win every war. Some say that it is a bad thing to go into a Nerf war with "too much equipment and tactics," but we have found otherwise. Advanced military tactics are always the key to a victory, and that fact is encompassed in our standard NK3AE uniform.

The Official NK3AE Heavy Uniform combines efficiency, capacity, and durability into one S.W.A.T. Team reminiscent outfit. It allows the user to customize what they are doing at a seconds notice. It is fairly easy to put together, and requires only a few basic materials, mainly Nerf guns. Following is a list and description of all the main things your NK3AE uniform should have.

If you do not know what the NK3AE is or are interested in enlisting please visit and for more information.

Step 1: Upper Body Uniform-Shirt

You should have a long-sleeved camouflage shirt with multiple pockets. You should be able to keep information such as codes, a pop-up frisbee (for G1 grenades), and some Pop-It's in the chest pockets. If you are in generation one of the enlistees (already closed) you should wear your NK NerfNeck on top for identification. Otherwise, you will need your NKID only.

Step 2: Upper Body Uniform-Vest

You will need an N-Strike or N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest to wear over your shirt. You should keep as many weapons and as much ammo as possible in it. You can also add two holders on the back for Nerf swords.

Step 3: Lower Body Uniform- Pants and Belt

You will also need some camouflage pants with cargo pockets. These will allow you to carry as many supplies as possible. Also, you should have a Nerf Bandolier Kit that you can use as a belt. This will make it easier to make and carry holsters and other supplies.

Step 4: Other Uniform Essentials

Other parts to include in your uniform are:

-Paintball mask
-Hat with a brim
-Gloves (possibly with blades)
-Knee pads
-A watch
-Extra ammo
-Extra Nerf Guns (A primary and secondary). I recommend the Rapidstrike CS-18 as a primary, and the the Mega Centurion as a secondary.

Step 5: Complete

You now know the main components of the NK3AE uniform and are ready for an advanced Nerf War. Even though Nerf is serious for us, still remember, this is just a game, and it is important to have fun! Enjoy your future Nerf Wars!

(The NK3A and Nerfrocketeer accept no responsibility for any damage, injury, or hardships caused by this uniform or its components).



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    1 year ago

    You should add steps to mod them guns to look real

    Agent 567

    3 years ago on Introduction

    its ok if I have cs 18 rapidstrike with 2 18 additional mags and mamy djarts andI don't have secondary but I have flashlight scope laser sight and bipod

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    4got to include in last comment: why swords and melee, just run like hell and turn and shoot at melee attacker. PS I am considering getting a demo. Is it good or is it crap.


    3 years ago

    Wait now that I have my own army disregard my previous comments. If I do things with the NK3AE, can I show up in my own army's uniform or would I be considered enemy if I did.


    3 years ago

    Dang, that's pretty nice. Very intimidating! The only thing I'd suggest would be to paint a skeletal jawbone design on that mask. But still, it looks awesome, bro!

    1 reply

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, and also how do you hang the gun on your back? I was thinking of using a Retaliator as a primary and my Raider on my back. (Oh yeah, Elite came to India, got a Retaliator, next gun would be the Hail-Fire)

    10 replies

    The Centurion over my back has a strap on it, so I wear it like a cargo bag sorta. I'll be posting an Instructable this weekend on it, so you'll see more then.

    Congrats on getting Elite in India! It's suprising it took so long. I'm glad you made a good choice and got the Retaliator! It's a great gun!

    But as for your next gun, I really think the RapidStrike CS-18 is a better choice. The Hail-Fire is cool with all of the ammo and everything, but it jams VERY often. Also, it is known to damage darts, and the flywheels inside become lopsided eventually, as you can hear in one of my forum topics. It's bulky, heavy, and unwieldy, and not fun to carry around for long.

    On the other hand, the RapidStrike CS-18 is a gear blaster that is the same price as the Hail-Fire. It has a super fast full-auto rate of fire (4DPS), and it is lightweight and easy to use. It also has some cool features, like the clear-clip, flip up sight, and adjustable stock. Also, it looks like a futuristic M16-A4. It is my personal favorite.

    But despite all of my biased info, make your own choice! Don't let me keep you from getting what you want to get! I would feel bad if I did. :) If anything, just look at a few video reviews for each gun, and decide for yourself what you like better.

    Sorry for the lengthy comment, btw. :/

    Alright, if you say it is better than the Hail-Fire, I might go buy that. After toying around with my Retaliator a lot, I have come to a conclusion that it is an epic win. The ranges advertised are without the barrel extension though. The range drops around 20 feet by the extension.

    I would ask if the Rough Cut is better or the Retaliator?

    Retaliator by far, the Rough Cut is cool with the two barrels, but ranges are very inconsistend, as it has a poor air seal. The Retaliator is consistent and a quick reload. You made the right choice.

    My Retaliator began malfunctioning today... I guess I'm gonna return it and get a Rough Cut, which is the only other available gun.

    Really? What's wrong with it? Usually those kinds of things happen accidentally, and work themselves out. Give it a chance, and see what happens. Maybe I can help you fix it. Trust me, the 2X4 is not as good as it's cracked up to be.