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This is a traditional recipe of cassava floss that I learned from my mum. My mum usually takes with her in small packages whenever she on a month long pilgrimage. She always shares the floss with her companions. It reminded of home.

As for me, it can be eaten as a snack or sprinkled on rice balls. I warn, its extremely hot!

Step 1: Ingredients

500gm of cassava leaves

50gm of Siamese hot pepper

1 bulb of garlic

7 bulbs of shallot

50ml of cooking oil

3sp of sugar

salt to taste


A food processor

A tongs

A spatula

A pot

A frying pan

A kitchen knife

A scissor

Step 2: The Leaves

I remove the leaves from the stem. Then, I boil it on a medium heat for about at least 30 minutes or until it turn from green to brown. Next, I remove the cassava leaves from the pot into a drainer.

Step 3: The Frying

Next, I blend 50gm of Siamese hot pepper, 1 bulb of garlic and 7 bulbs of shallot in a food processor.

Meanwhile, I preheat the cooking oil in the frying pan. When the cooking oil starts to smoke, I pour the blended mixture. I add 3sp of sugar and salt to taste. Later, I put the boiled cassava leaves in the frying pan.

Step 4: The Black Beauty

With a medium heat, I stir the leaves gently letting the water and the cooking oil evaporate. I heat it until it become caramelized dark and crispy. Lastly, it has become the cassava floss that's look like a curly witch's hair.



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