ServBot Helm- Megaman DIY PROP

Introduction: ServBot Helm- Megaman DIY PROP

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Materials: *Note: All materials are on usd, Estimated Cost $40-50 (Trial and Error)

  1. 2 Round Boxes (one smaller than the other about half length) price varies from $10-20 depending on the material it's made of.
    • Mine was around $20, since it was made of plastic-like material.
    • You can buy them at any craft store, Hobby Lobby should be your last resort, Michaels usually has their boxes on sale most of the time *could of saved me around $10*
    • If you like the size of the box get it, I chose the biggest I could find.
  2. Foam (Sheet) Roll, $10 found in any craft store
    • I don't recommend separate foam sheets, using the roll allows for easier adjustment to the surface of the box.
  3. Red Foam Sheet, $1
  4. Spray paint $15+
    • Silver (Make sure it's not chrome, nor a flat grey), Yellow (Make sure you pick a glossy, light yellow)
  5. Black permanent marker/ something to cut with
  6. Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  7. And now the tricky part, the eyes $1 black book cover
    • Now you make this either really cheap or really expensive (20$+)
    • Cheap Method: Bought a black book cover, its relatively stretchy and it doesn't look like its made of fabric once formed into the eyes
    • Expensive Method: You can buy plastic sheets, the really thick ones you have to put in the oven to cut them, and window tint sheets or head light spray (which the spray itself is already 15$, not sure about the tint or plastic sheets). Basically heat up the plastic sheets cover them with the tint.

Step 1: The Box

( Finished version) Don't glue the box and top yet

  • Alright so basically all you have to do is, cut out the eyes glue the top of the 2nd box (should be half the length) and its done.
    1. Use a cup (size is up to you) to trace the circles for the eyes using a permanent marker, I used a McDonald's cup from earlier that day. Make sure you don't make the eyes too small, like I said the box size basically determines the size of the eyes.
    2. Once the eyes have been cut out take your foam roll and wrap it around the box while its on its cover, take note of how much it takes to get around, make sure you leave and extra 3-4 inches at the top of the box.
    3. Cut the cover of the box and glue it to the bottom (if you want the helm to be longer if not then leave 2-3 inch still)
    4. Take your hot glue gun and glue the foam onto the box, make small cuts around the top so you can fold the foam in.
    5. Take the cover of the smaller box glue it on top of the box then glue the foam onto the box make sure the cover has the flat side facing up.
    6. Cut the smaller box in half (approx. box size change everything) Just make sure its the size you want it to be
  • The end product is the 2nd picture once you glue the foam to it. Make sure not to glue the smaller box (on top) to the bigger box or you'll have a fun time painting it

Step 2: Paint Time Yay!

I have these stands to place em on made the spray painting faster. I bought the krylon fusion, worked amazing, the yellow came out perfectly.

Step 3: The Eyes & Mouth

  • As I mentioned earlier you can use the plastic strips, which I have no clue how much or where to get them (a friend of mine usually makes the servbot helms and I have no clue were he gets his stuff from), or the book cover I used
    1. Take the book cover, cut it from the half. Then remove the fabric area that wraps around the book's cover
    2. Cut out a slightly smaller circle from the foam roll (white part around the inside of the eye), glue the fabric from the book cover onto the circle, make sure it's stretched so that you don't have extra fabric hanging loose.
    3. Glue the eye onto the servbot helm. And Bingo you're done. Just Kidding.
    4. Take the read foam sheet and visualize the size of the mouth for your servbot, outline it with a black marker.
    5. And last but not least glue the silver top onto your helm.
  • If you want to get creative and make a different face for your servbot use the same method, just because the foam sheet in the shape of the eyes/mouth, for faces such as >_< trace the design onto the cardboard box during step 1 and then cut it.

Step 4: Success!

  • If you haven't already glue the top on and your finish product should look similar to mine. Estimated cost for mine was $50 ( I rushed the project and ended up having to buy 3-4 smaller boxes since I didn't like the size, I think the more expensive box was the smaller one since I couldn't find the right size.)
  • But if you just go at it and take your time it shouldn't be over $30, just make sure you grab the deals on the boxes.
  • Let me know what you guys replace the box with if you don't use it, perhaps a bucket?
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