Servicing a Positive Crankcase Ventilation (pcv) Valve.

Introduction: Servicing a Positive Crankcase Ventilation (pcv) Valve.

Sometimes the pcv valve sticks or stays open and this is bad for emissions. For this vehicle I went ahead to do a basic service on the valve.

Step 1: Removing the Pcv Valve.

The vacuum hose has to be removed first then the pcv valve carefully pried out. The valve is plastic and can break easily if rough handled.

Once out I shook it gently and heard the valve rattle in it.

Step 2: Service!

Using powerlube I soaked the internals of the valve. Some grime came out and now the valve is a bit cleaner.

Step 3: Reinstallation and Completion.

Using a new piece of hose, I made the vacuum connection to the intake air manifold. The pcv valve I gently tapped back into place and the hose was connected to it. I used silicone adhesive to ensure a vacuum tight connection on the valve seat in the engine head.

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