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Introduction: Serviette Mini Canvas Blocks

About: Hi, I'm Olivia, or you may say I'm spectacular. I love music, I play guitar and sing as well as playing a little ukulele, piano and whatever else I can :) I also draw and love to create art.

These little canvas blocks were originally my aunty's idea. She noticed how stores often sold beautiful paper serviettes which simply looked too good to wipe your fingers on and throw away. Thus, with the help of some mini square canvas blocks and a few other materials, she created these! 

Step 1: What You Need

- As many fancy paper serviettes as you like
- A miniature blank canvas for each serviette. These should be slightly smaller than the      serviette when folded, and square. You can find these at most art and craft stores, and are pretty cheap. 
- Some spray adhesive. You could use craft glue, but you would have to be very careful as the serviettes are frail, and could easily rip.
- Paint, to make the sides of your canvas more neat.
- Imagination!!!

- 3D stickers, these can make it look more interesting
- Glitter glue, to make it sparkle. What more can i say.
- Tiny beads, to add texture
- Anything that you think will add to it, use your imagination! 

Note: Sorry that these are Google images, i make these at my Aunty's house, so i have no pictures of the supplies. Have mercy on me. This is my first instructable. 

Step 2: Prepare Your Serviette

First of all, you will need your serviette. Admire it, as you are about to cut it. Unfold your napkin, and you will probably find that it is actually two serviettes staying together as if by magic. Cut it so that it is one square a bit bigger than your blank canvas. Go by the creases, they will be your guide.

Step 3: Glue That Serviette Down

Now get out your canvas, your serviette and your spray adhesive. Carefully spray your canvas with an even layer of spray adhesive, align the serviette above it, and stick the serviette to the canvas. Carefully flatten it to get rid of any creases. Be scrutinizingly careful not to rip it. 

Sorry about the lack of pictures, i have none!

Step 4: Paint It!

Once your canvas is dry, get out whichever colour of paint you choose and paint all around the edge of the canvas, going over to the bottom to make sure that it is fully covered.

Step 5: Customize!

Now comes the imagination part!

Using whatever supplies you have, decorate your new work of art.

If you have stickers, simply peel them off the sheet and carefully stick them where you desire.

If you have beads, stick them on with a dot of PVA or another craft glue.

If you have glitter glue, then you can add a bit of it in appropriate places.

Just do whatever you like!

No one will ever know that these are so cheap and easy to make!

Step 6: Optional

If you like, you can do what my Aunty does and make collections of them. Often serviettes come in a range, and you can make a few matching ones. All of them except for the first are made by her. Don't they look amazing!

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    7 years ago

    Really pretty going to make one to go in my bedroom

    2013 11:52.jpg2013 11:52.jpg2013 11:52.jpg

    9 years ago on Introduction

    They look very nice.
    A nice cheap way to decorate the house with pictures of your choice.
    My bathroom need decoration so I will find suitable pictures and try this out.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice. Looks like an easy and cheap way to get some nice eye candy. This could probably be adapted for use with other nice arty paper, or even fabric.