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Ever do projects with multiple servos, and require to zero the servos and determine the range of movements? Current servo testers from Hobbyking/RC do not give feedback as to what value to enter into Arduino code to achieve the same angle as tested. One way could be to experimentally test by changing servo angles and reuploading to test one by one in Arduino IDE.

So why not build your own servo tester!

Step 1: Acquire Parts!

Step 2: Connections!

Power: Connect BEC output to 5v and Gnd to Pro Mini.

Input: Connect BEC output to 5v and Gnd to any two ends of potentiometer. Connect center leg of potentiometer to A0 of Pro Mini

Output display: Connect 5v, Gnd, A4, A5 to I2c LCD controller

Output to Servo: Connect BEC output to 5v and Gnd of Servo, signal wire (white/yellow) to pin 5

Step 3: Find Address of LCD

Run an I2C Scanner from Arduino Playground:

Open serial monitor to find address of LCD!

Step 4: Code

Do a mashup of the i2c LCD and Servo-> Knob sample with address from i2c scanner (usually 0x27)

Attached is the library used, and source code(if you wish to cheat! ;D )

Step 5: Create a Casing

I used Solidworks to draw a casing to house the LCD and Potentiometer, find a friend with a 3D Printer to fabricate the case with the STL!



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    1 year ago

    hey, do you know how to run a test program on the pro mini with a servo?