Sesame Seeds and Corn Flakes Snaps.

Introduction: Sesame Seeds and Corn Flakes Snaps.

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It 's very simple and easy to make, wish you'll like it.

Step 1: Gather All Ingredients.crush Corn Flakes.

All you need is: 1 cup of sesame seeds , 2 cup of corn flakes, 4 tbs of honey.
Crush the corn flakes lightly with the hand.

Step 2: Toast Sesame Seeds.

In large pan ,toast the sesame on low -medium heat for 2 or 3 minutes.or until fully crunchy.

Step 3: Toast Crushed Corn Flakes

Take away sesame seeds from the pan ,then roast the corn flakes for 3 minutes .

Step 4: Add Honey.

Kerp sesame seeds a d corn flakes aside ,then Add 4 tbs of honey , heat it for 10 to 15 seconds on low flame .

Step 5: Add Sesame Seeds and Corn Flakes to Honey.

Then add both: corn flakes and sesame seeds and stir very well to combine .

Step 6: Spread the Mix.

After 2 minutes , when all ingredients are sticking together, transfer them to an oiled surface and spread carefully (even better with silicone spatula )as thin as you wish.

Step 7: Cut Carefully.

Let it cool down for 5 minutes , then cut to the desired shape.

Step 8: Crispy Texture.

They should be very crispy but not hard .i hope you like it.



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    my childhood sweets n i still love it

    This sounds yummy. Maybe with popped quinoa too?

    i want to try... thanks for sharing!

    Those look so tasty! Thanks for sharing!