Set Your Camera to Automatically Transfer Pictures to Your Computer, Sort by Date and More! (Windows XP)





Introduction: Set Your Camera to Automatically Transfer Pictures to Your Computer, Sort by Date and More! (Windows XP)


Transfer the pictures to your computer, sort by date, automatically delete pictures off of the camera after transfer, and automatticaly run programs

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I always use this for my camera, it's extremely handy. Basically what this Instructable is about is some settings that are customizable for some cameras that are activated by plugging the camera into the computer via its USB cable or whatever.

Tools ====

Compatible Digital Camera and PC Connection Cable - This doesn't work with all cameras, unfortunately. Some of them just don't have the features. For this Instructable I used my sister's cheap 2 Megapixel Kodak EasyShare CX7220. It's the same camera I use for the pictures in all of my instructables. It's also the one in the picture (for list view).

Windows XP

Step 1: Open Camera Properties

Go to the Camera Properties, either by going to "My Computer" and right-clicking on it and clicking "Properties", or by going directly to the camera drive and opening the properties window from there.

Step 2: Choose Your Options

Choose which options you want to occur when you plug the camera into the computer.

Go to the "Events" tab.

Select an event - Choose when you want the chosen options to happen, I only have one option; "Camera Connected" (when the camera is plugged into the computer).

Start this program - Choose a program to start when the selected event occurs (in this case, when the camera is plugged in).

Prompt for which program to run - A pop-up will appear, asking you which program should be run.

Take no action - Nothing will happen.

Save all pictures to this folder - Select a folder for the pictures to be automatically transfered to.

Create subfolder using today's date - A folder will be created, the name being the date, and the pictures will be transfered there. It will be created in the folder you previously chose. Example: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Family Pictures\2006-06-17 (date format: year/month/day).

Delete pictures from camera after saving them - This will delete the pictures off of the camera after they have been transfered to the computer. A prompt will come up after they have been transfered, asking you if you want them deleted.

Click "OK".

You're done! Yay!

Remember, the camera has to be on for it to work. Most cameras automatically turn on when plugged in, some, like mine, have to be turned on manually. This is because they have physical switches (mine has a dial you have to turn to go into different modes).



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    33 Discussions

    i have a samsung s850, and my computer does not recognize it as a camera, it recognizes it as a removable drive, is there any way of fixing this, if so please email me at  

    when I plug my camera into my computer with the camera cord and turn on my camera it doesnt show the pictures in my sony camera i have as soon as i turn my camera on my pictures pop up or when I look them up in the hard drive ...this camera i832 polaroid doesnt' do that i cant get my pics on my computer

    1 reply

    When you plug it in and turn it on, nothing automatically pops up on your monitor? Use the Reply button, instead of making a new post.

    My i832 polaroid camera doesnt read anything when I plug it into my computer and turn it on...Do I have to download the program into my computer to be able to pull up my pictures...

    1 reply

    There is no program to download. This is built into Windows XP. What do you mean it doesn't read anything when you plug it in? Whatever the problem is, try updating your drivers.

    Sweet, I didn't even know you could do that in windows xp, unfortunatly my digital camera died.

    8 replies

    Well, it was a Olympus D-390, took fairly nice pictures for a 2mp camera. But I unfortunatly experianced a problem otheres with the same model had, where you increasingly get lower and lower battery lifetime, didn't matter how new the batteries, brand, rechargeable or not. And eventially it came to the point where it wouldn't turn on at all. I think I'm gonna salvage the lcd out of it and wire it to some kind of controller board. But right now I'm looking to see if anyone will give me or sell me their old digital camera for a low price so I can do a few instructables I want to.

    You can get 3 megapixal cameras now for under $100 . Some under $75 .

    I'm not buying something that's cheapo if I do buy one, by the way, I don't exactly even have $100

    Is it possible to get this working with XP Pro? None of the options you mention are in my properties.

    1 reply

    It's just doesn't work with your camera then. It doesn't work with one of my cameras.

    I remember an Instructable that told you how to set up a USB Memory Drive to automatically copy its contents to a folder on your PC using xcopy in dos. If I remember it added an autorun file to the root directory of the USB Drive and a batch file that contained the dos commands. You could probably do this on your camera memory card, so that it will copy the files on to your PC everytime you plugged the card in to the slot on your PC.

    Is there a way to do this if you just plug in the memory card? or does it only work when the actual camera is attached?

    1 reply

    Short answer: no. Long answer: this works specifically with the device you set up. So if I did this with one camera, it would only apply to that camera.