Set a Purpose for Reading

Before you read, set a PURPOSE, or REASON, for reading.

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Step 1: For Example, Your PURPOSE May Be

*To gain information
*To learn how to do something
*To solve a problem
*To form a opinion
*To be entertained

Step 2: In Order to Set a Purpose

*Preview the text to get a general idea of what it is about
*Read the title
*Glance through it, looking at text features and illustrations
*Then set your purpose

Step 3: Ask and Answer Questions

*Literal Questions has factual answers

*Interpretive Questions ask you to go beyond the information in the text. You connect what you read with what you know to make judgment. (Usually, they begin with How? Or Why?)

*Evaluative Questions ask you to make judgement

*Universal Questions ask you to apply what you read to life in general.

Step 4:

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea to use this topic as an instructable! =)