How to Set Up Your Work Area

Introduction: How to Set Up Your Work Area

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Before you start printing, you'll need to prepare suitable work areas both for your printer and for the print finishing process.

Printer placement:

Place the printer on a level, solid table or elevated surface. Don't place the printer in or near kitchens or dining areas, or anywhere in the vicinity of food and drink. Because the resin should not be consumed, food and drink should be kept away from the printer at all times. The printer should be located out of the reach of children and animals. Also, because the resin is UV-curable, it's best practice not to place the printer in direct sunlight. The printer's window blocks UV, but you'll need to open the window to remove your print, and you don't want to sunlight to cure the resin in your tray when that happens.

Before you start printing, you'll also want to set up your finishing station, in the vicinity of your printer. Proceed to the next step for guidance in doing this...

Step 1: Set Up Your Finishing Station

This video shows you how to set up your finishing station. Be sure to use a sturdy table. The fluid in the large white bottle is isopropyl alcohol, which is commonly available in pharmacies.

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