Making Your Own Walmart Signage

This article will show you how to make your own altered signage for Walmart. To go straight to the directions, skip the background below.


Over the course of several years, Walmart has developed a reputation for abusive labor practices, and anti-union rhetoric and policies. In addition to being paid low wages, Walmart workers are frequently denied full time employment, stable contracts, and consequently, any significant benefits. As America's largest retailer, Walmart's decisions represent and influence the standards of the entire retail economy.

Recently, organizations such as Our Walmart have begun to make headway in the struggle to organize Walmart workers. Setbacks is an art project designed in support of these efforts. Setbacks consists of a series of screen-printed alterations of Walmart store signage. Slogans and fine print text are altered to playfully subvert the integrity of the Walmart brand - subliminally creating new, critical associations with Walmart's carefully managed brand identity.

Step 1: Edit and Print

The attached templates can be edited in Adobe Illustrator, or programs compatible with .ai files. They are already scaled to the exact sizes of Walmart's in-store signage. Small signs are 4" x 12.5", medium signs are 4" x 16", and large signs are 6 3/8" x 31".

Small and medium sizes may be printed and cut from Tabloid size paper (11"x17"). The largest size will require a large-format printer (available at FedEx Office). White cardstock is recommended.

Alternatively, the layers of these templates may be separated and used to create screen-printed reproductions.

Step 2: Install

All sizes of signs are found all around your local Walmart.

Signs on sufficiently thick cardstock may be gently slipped in overtop of existing signs. Signs should not be glued or taped, so that no property is damaged, and to save employees as much trouble as possible in removing the signs. Late at night, there are fewer raised eyebrows. Writing a friendly note on the back of each sign is a nice touch!

Medium signs are found in great abundance the clothes sections.

Small signs are common at the ends of aisles.

Large signs are found above bins along the largest aisles and near grocery coolers.

Once your signs are up - take photos and submit to!



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