Setting Up Camping Tent Air Seconds 4.1 Family XL Quechua Decathlon

Introduction: Setting Up Camping Tent Air Seconds 4.1 Family XL Quechua Decathlon

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This is tent is 4 people family camping who want a tent with a single bedroom and a high living room. It is easy to set up. You use to blow up the structure in few minutes.

In this video we set up the camping tent and then we review it and see what it is inside. You have to blow the beam to 7 psi.

Step 1: Unpack the Tent and Extend It in the Flow

The first step is to unpack the tent from the bag and extend it on the terrain. It is recommendable that the terrain is plain.

Step 2: Hammer the Four Big Pegs on the Blue Ropes

Hammer the four big pegs on the blue ropes, before inflate anything otherwise the tent could fly with the wind

Step 3: Inflate the Beams

In order to inflate the beams, you need first to open the small hole in the bottom of the beam, it is the square one. Insert the air pump and inflate the three beams until you get 7 psi pressure.

Step 4: Place 6 Pegs on the Beams Base

Place 6 pegs on the beams base, they have a grey cord. Stretch the cord.

Step 5: Place the Interior Bar

Mount the bar and place it in the middle of the tent in the living room. There are two red spots and you can extend the bar and fix it with the screw.

Step 6: Install All the White Cords

Put pegs on any white cord. Tight to get the tent well mounted.

Step 7: Tight the Blue Cord

Tight the blue cord. There are four, one in each corner.

And then you are done!

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    2 years ago on Step 7

    What a great tent! Can you tell us the brand and where you purchased it?