Setting Up the Shot IPhone 4s Filmic Pro

Intro: Setting Up the Shot IPhone 4s Filmic Pro

Hey everyone here is a tutorial that I hope can help when it comes to getting a great shot with the iPhone 4S and the Filmic Pro APP. Please feel free to ask questions or suggestions in the comment section. The more I play around with the iPhone 4S and Filmic Pro the more I am loving this set up. You can find Filmic Pro in the APP store or you can go to their web site at and check them out on facebook for more up to date information.Oh And sorry for the grammar



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    GREAT video. I learned a lot, but what comes after setting up the shot? Just record and save to camera roll? What is the purpose of the import function? Do you have a follow-up video for Filmic?

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for your question.Yes just hit record and I always save to camera roll. Where do you see the import function. Do you have the latest build. And Because of the holidays I have been busy. But I will have some great new tutorials coming soon. Check out my web site for those.