Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi With Raspbian(Jessie) Headless

Introduction: Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi With Raspbian(Jessie) Headless

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First of all we need to know what is this all about.I'm not going to give theory lessons here.

As of now you just need to know that raspberry pi is a single board mini computer(mini in the sense smaller that the traditional computers)

That's it.


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Step 1: Where to Buy

Following are some links.

Link 1 Amazon

Link 2 Amazon

Or you can buy from here with full accessories

Link 3 Amazon

Step 2: What All You Need

1.Raspberry pi (Off course)

2.USB cable (to power up RPi)

3.SD Card (minimum 8 GB class 4)

4.Card reader or adapter whatever you have

5.Ethernet cable (straight through)

And your PC

Step 3: Installing Raspbian With Jessie

In order to install Raspbian first of all download and install following softwares

1. Raspbian with Jessie

2.Win 32 disk imager

3.Angry IP Scanner

4.Putty SSH Client

5.VNC Viewer

After downloading, extract Raspbian, you will get an img file

Now Plug in your SD Card

Open win32 disk imager and just write onto your card by selecting Raspbian image

After write successful go to your sd card

You will now see the size of your sd cad has been reduced

Just a new file without any extension named as ssh.(This is to just enable your ssh)

Remember file should not be a .txt file

Now, remove your card and insert it into your Raspberry Pi

Power On your raspberry pi and wait for couple of minutes.

Connect your Raspberry Pi with your PC through Ethernet cable.

After some time open command prompt type " ping "

This will display ipv4 address of RPi

Open Angry IP Scanner Search for alive hosts

You will get two hosts

Copy the ip address of

Open putty paste the ip address and keep the port as same as before

Hit Open

Enter username as "pi"

Password as"raspberry"

Hit enter

Now again login as "pi"

password "raspberry"


Now open VNC Viewer

Type server address as ""


Again insert same user and password

HIT Enter

Congratulation you have successfully installed Raspbian.

Now you can explore raspbian os through this VNC Viewer.

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