Setting Up Linkit One

Introduction: Setting Up Linkit One

The setup of the Linkit one IDE is not the same as directed on the mediatek website because later arduino softwsre requires some different steps.

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Step 1: Step 1: Download Arduino IDE

Linkit one works with the same IDE that is provide for the Arduino board. Thus you can download the Arduino IDE suitable to your system here .

Download and install the arduino software in your machine.

Step 2: Installing Linkit One SDK

1. In the Arduino software go to File>Prefereces

2. In the Additional Boards Manager URL, paste this link:

3. Click Ok.

4. Now, go to Tools> Boards> Board Manager

5. The Board manager will update, and after it does scroll to the last tab and click the tab which says Linkit One by SeeedStudio.

6. Click on Intall.

Linkit One SDK is now installed.

Step 3: Setup

Now connect your board to you system. In the tools> boards, select Linkit One

In the Tools> Port, select the first COM port with the Linkit.

Step 4: Code, Compile, Upload

You are now good to go.

Your board is now set.

Code in the IDE, press CTRL + R to compile, and CTRL + U to upload the code to the board

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