Setting Up Raspberry Pi Using SSH

Introduction: Setting Up Raspberry Pi Using SSH

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So you just bought a Raspberry Pi (RPi) because you heard of it and you want to figure out what you can do with it ( like I did some time ago ).

But now you have it you are watching ad it and asking yourself "what do I do next?".

in the beginning I found It quite difficult to set the RPi up but now I have done it a couple a times I would like to share with you how I do it now and I will also let you download some useful programs, so lets get to it.

material list:

  • Raspberry Pi ( I tested this with a model B 2 and a model B but it should also work with other versions).
  • SD card of at least 4 GB that fits in the SD card slot of your RPi.
  • A Ethernet cable (to connect your RPi to the Router.
  • A power supply for the RPi.
  • Access to a router ( can be your home router ).
  • A PC connected to the router ( I assume you use Windows, but can be any as long as you know how to use it)

I assume you have all this lying around, ready to be used.

Step 1: Downloading Programs

Step 2: Formatting SD Card

Now we will give the SD card a "reset" and clean it.

make sure that there is nothing on the SD card that you dont want to lose

open SDFormater and select the correct card ( check it is, otherwise bad things happen, I take no responsibility for what happens if it goes wrong). then press "Format".

when its done close the program and go to the next step

Step 3: Writing a Image to the SD Card

The RPi uses an SD card as its Hard drive ( like your PC has a harddrive).

what were doing now is setting up an Operating System (OS) on the SD card.

The OS is a piece of software that interacts between the hardware and the programs of the PC ( or RPi ).

the goal of a OS is interacting between the software and the hardware, so you can play your favorite game on almost any windows PC and not just on 1 PC with a specific motherboard, mouse, graphic card, etc.

to write a OS to the SD card extract the .img file to a folder on your PC.

Then open Win32DIskImager and under "Image File" browse for the .img file you just extracted also under "device" select the right drive (check it is otherwis terrible things happen and again I take no responsibility for what happens) .

then press "Write" and it will be busy for a while, after its done close the program

Step 4: Connecting the Raspberry Pi

In the previous steps you have written an OS to the SD card now you can put the SD card in your RPi.

then connect the ethernet cable to your router and then to your RPi after this is done you can connect the power to your RPi

Step 5: Finding the IP Address

To make a SSH connection you first need to know its IP address, to figure this out I use advanced IP scanner.

open advanced IP scanner and press "scan" you should see a PC called "raspberry pi foundation" that's your RPi.

copy the IP address of the RPi.

Step 6: Making a SSH Conection

in the previous step you found the IP address of the RPi , you need to know the IP address of your RPi before you make a SSH connection.

to make the SSH connection open PuTTY and paste the IP address under "Host Name (or IP address)" then select connection type "SSH" and press "open".

login as : pi

password is : raspberry

note: as you are typing the password is invincible but its there.

Step 7: Setting Your Pi Up

if you did the previous steps correct your terminal looks like the picture on top, if not comment below and I ( or someone else) is willing to help you.

if you see it type: sudo raspi-config

and press enter

you can now move arround by using the arrow keys.

first select ( in my case it already is) "expand filesystem", this allows the RPi to use the whole SD card.

what I recommend doing next is changing your password.

after you are done select "finish" and allow it to reboot, at that point it will lose its SSH connection but you can log in again using putty like you did before.

Now you are done setting up your RPi

you can shut your RPi down using : sudo shutdown -h now

if you have any ideas for the next instructable comment down below

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