Setting Up an Instructable

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Intro: Setting Up an Instructable

Today im going to help people like my other instructable Here

Step 1: First....

Click "create" then "instructable" and go through the process below.

Step 2: Entering....

Enter the name, language, category, and channel.

Step 3: Beginning....

Press "begin" and enter a picture or skip it for now because you need a picture in the introduction to publish it.

Step 4: Typing

Simple, type about your subject/collection after you have 5 instructables.

Step 5: Add More

Keep adding steps by clicking the step button on the screen.

Step 6: Finishing....

When your at your last step, you can stop adding steps and add pictures. a picture needs to be in the introduction a.k.a intro/beginning. Your done Enjoy Check out our site



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