Setting Up the Dead Rat Prank!!!




Introduction: Setting Up the Dead Rat Prank!!!

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This Prank is bound to be a Halloween Classic, not only is it creepy but also downright spooky. The best part is that you actually get set it up and have fun while doing it...

No one wants to see a dead animal on the floor especially not a rat, and if its covered in blood it will indeed be horrifying,  The twist about this prank is that actually the rat will be alive, well semi dead... its leg will be twitching still...

Ok Take a look at this instructable, Have Fun... if still dont get it Watch the Video!!!

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Step 1: Materials!!!

The following Materials and supplies will be need!

* Stuffed Toy Rat
* Rat Trap
* Vibration Motor
* AAA battery Holder w/ batteries
* Piece of Straw
* Fake Blood
* Piece of Straw (about an inch)

additional suplies

* Blade/ Scissors
* Needle

Step 2: Getting the Rat Ready!!!

* Getting the Rat Ready!!!

- Begin by taking your cutting blade and make a vertical through the center the the rat's belly.

- The Rat used in this prank was stuffed with cotton, so all the cotton in the rat's body was removed. (except the cotton on its head and 3 legs)

- Make sure the rat's body doesn't look too flat.

Step 3: Making the Connections!!!

* Making the Connections!!!

- before connecting any wires,  you will need to tape the ( 1 inch) piece of wire, just to cover one end.
- Take the motor and insert it in the straw, more tape will be needed to trap the motor inside.

-  One of the rats legs was just the perfect size to hide the straw containing the motor.

-  Also the battery holder fit perfectly inside the rat's belly, ( make sure the the wires stick out)

- Since the wires of the motor and battery holder were color coated,  making the connections was simple.

-  First Connect one set of wires and leave the other set unattached...

Step 4: Setting Up!!!

* Setting up!

- you will need a needle to close the rats belly so that nothing shows, except for the set of wires you left unattached.

- Position the Rat under the snapper of the rat trap, ( works best if you lay it on its side)

- Locate a good spot where to place it the Rat Trap, for example the bathroom,  under a table anywhere you've prank victim is most likely to see it.

Step 5: BLOOD!!!


- Almost done, to make things just that more realistic and gruesome, squirt some (fake) blood all over the rat ( be creative, where to squirt the blood)

-Connect the two remaining wires and you are done, This Rat is 100% guaranteed to Scare your Halloween prank victims...

Step 6: How It Work!!! (prank Time)

* How it works!!! (prank time)
- so basically when your victims see the dead rat on the floor, they will instantly be freaked out...
If a rat doesn't scare you, the blood covering it will...

- Wait hold on, this rat is not dead yet,  that right! by connecting the two remaining wires, the motor inside will cause the rat's leg to vibrate at first and after a few seconds the leg will have a shaking movement, making it look like the rat is in agonizing pain...

Ohhhh Spooky!  Happy Halloween!!!

Watch the video to see the horror in all its glory!

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    Great prank!

    Don't forget   Step 7:  Waiting for your wife to get over the prank and let you back in from the doghouse...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Man that is one crazy prank.  I've got to try this one out!  I'll let you know how it works out.  :)