Setting Up the Zybot - the Controller

Introduction: Setting Up the Zybot - the Controller

This instructable is part of a collection, that is intended to be used together. I you haven't already check out the other instructables in the collection, The Zybot!

At this point you should have completed the hardware instructable.

In this instructable we will go over the software required to get an Xbox controller talking to the Zybot.

What you will need:

A windows Computer

An internet connection

An X-box controller

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Step 1: Download Visual Studio

The project that uses the Xbox controller uses Visual Studio, so you will need to download a version of Visual Studio.

Microsoft offers a version of Visual studio that you can download for free.

Step 2: Uninstall Microsoft Redistributable 2010

Unfortunately there is a conflict between the next thing we need to compile the controller and the 2010 version of Microsoft Redistributable.

Go to your control panel -> Programs and Features

Uninstall all versions of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable.

Step 3: Download Direct X SDK

In order to program the X-box controller you need a special tool called Direct X Software Development Kit. Microsoft also has a free download of Direct X.

Download and install Direct X SDK.

Step 4: Re-install Microsoft Redistributable

Now re-install the Microsoft Redistributable package that you previously un-installed. Download both the x86 and x64 versions for a 64 bit machine.

Step 5: Download the Visual Studio Project

Download the Zybo_robot_client attached to this step and unzip it.

Open the folder and open the Visual Studio Solution.

Step 6: Run the Project

Make sure the server is running and the WiFi is connected on the Zybo. You can tell the server is up when LD0 is lit. You can tell the WiFi is connected when the blue light on the WiFi adapter is flashing.

Once you run the program the command prompt will appear. Press y and enter to connect to the Xbox controller. The command prompt will tell you if the controller is connected.

Step 7: Drive Your Zybot Around

You've now completed all the steps to drive around your Zybot. When you want to exit the Xbox controller program just hit the back button on the Xbox controller.

The controller uses one joystick to control the servos and one joystick to control the motors. You can use the triggers on forward and reverse to go into turbo mode.

If you have any problems with your Zybot check out the troubleshooting instructable.

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