Setting Up the Zybot - Troubleshooting

Introduction: Setting Up the Zybot - Troubleshooting

Since the Zybo is such a complicated design and has so many moving parts, we wanted to make sure it can be built without a problem by creating a trouble shooting guide. In this instructable we will list all of the problems that we encountered when we built the Zybot.

We will also add more troubleshooting options as people comment with problems or suggestions.

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Step 1: My Wifi Isn't Working When I First Boot Up

Sometimes the USB port that the WiFi adapter is attached to needs to be reset. To do this, just unplug the WiFi adapter and plug it back in. Wait a few seconds and the light on the adapter should start blinking.

Step 2: When I Try to Drive Forward, I Go Backwards.

If you try to drive backwards and you go forwards, and you try to drive forwards and you go backwards, it's likely that your motors are switched. Take the Pmod cable in the top of port JE and plug it into the bottom, and take the Pmod cable in the bottom of port JE and plug it into the top. Now it should to the correct direction.

Step 3: My Servos Don't Do Anything

Check to make sure that your servos are plugged in in the right direction on the PmodCON3. Make sure the black wire is connected to ground and the white wire is connected to the signal pin.

Step 4: When I Try to Drive My Motors Do Nothing.

It's possible that the pins on the H-bridges and the pins on the Zybo are not lined up. Try turning around the way the Pmod cable is plugged in so that the side that was facing the ground is now facing the sky.

Step 5: My Xbox Controller Can't Connect

There are a few reasons this could be happening:

Your Xbox controller isn't plugged into the computer (I know I'm sorry I have to say it)

Your WiFi isn't connected

Your server hasn't mounted

If your WiFi isn't connected try unplugging it and plugging it in again. If that doesn't work go into linux and make sure its connected.

If your server hasn't mounted, first try waiting, it takes a while. Otherwise try to reset the board with the red reset button on the Zybo.

Step 6: Only Tested in Fedora

This has only been tested in fedora, so if you are using another distribution creating the SD Card may not work.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    The wireless icon does not appear on the top right Ubuntu menu so can't connect to home network (need to enter password for Wireless to connect).