Sev Puri (Indian Snack)

The very famous Indian snack which is loved due to the blend of tastes and raw veggies, the crisp puris and yummy chutneys..

dressed with namkeen..


Step 1: Ingredients

1. The puri (you can get in any Indian store)

2. Raw veggies like onions, mango, potato , corriander,etc.

3. Chutneys / Sauce like chilly sauce, sweet and sour, etc.

Now go ahead....

Step 2: Plate It ...

put the puris and now add mashed potatoes..

Step 3: Make It Sourryyy

add raw mango, and onions chopped.

Step 4: Yumm It.. With Sauces

add the saucesss....

Step 5: Dress It Again..

more saucesss...

Step 6: Eat...

serve it with namkeen.. generally called sev.

hence it is sev puri .

Enjoy the Indian Delicacy..

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    5 years ago

    I agree with faiza. I am sorry. we know you would had taken time out for making this. but the ingredients you used are again fried.

    9 replies

    5 years ago

    sev puri is not a raw food at all..sev and puri both are fried.