Severed Arm Cake




First I sculpted the marrow of the bones out of sugar paste, or fondant
I made the marrow for the hand bones too, and then I let it harden.

Step 1: Make the Bones..

I covered the "marrow" with white chocolate to create the bones.

Step 2: The Rat's Heads

I sculped the rat's heads out of grey sugar paste and painted them with red gel
food coloring. The teeth were made from gum paste, which is like sugar paste

Step 3: The Rat's Bodies

I baked two red velvet mini loaf cakes and carved them into the shape of the
rat's bodies. Then I frosted them with vanilla frosting tinted with red gel
food coloring.

I covered the rats bodies with rolled out fondant and blended it into the head

Step 4: Make the Arm Cake

I baked a large red velvet cake and cut half into the shape of an arm.
I dug out a trench in the middle and layed the bones inside.
I filled the center with blended cherry pie filling so it would ooze out when
it was cut. after this photo, I placed another cake on top and carved it into
the arm shape.

Step 5: Cover With Fondant

I rolled out skin colored fondant and placed it over the hand and arm.
I sculpted the finger "skin" around the bones.

Step 6: Fingernails

I made ridged fingernails out of gum paste and lightly painted them with food
coloring to give them a dirty yellowed appearance.

Step 7: Blood

The blood was made from clear cake decorating gel colored with gel food coloring.

Step 8: Rat's Tails

I made rat tails out of fondant and attached them with toothpicks.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Love how you "built up" the whole arm rather than just having a hunk of cake covered with fondant. Looked very real!

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Could you put the ingredient list for every thing you used for the frosting and fondant. Thanks


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I just used boxed red velvet cake mix, and canned vanilla frosting that I tinted with red gel food coloring. I also used Wilton fondant and wilton clear piping gel that I tinted with the red gel food color. For the blood inside the bones, I blended frozen mixed berries and strained out the seeds :)