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Introduction: Severed Leg That Sprays Fake Blood -movie Prop

i was asked to help with the making of a film by a friend that ended up including me playing the part of a victim. The part called for me to be stabbed in the back and then to have my leg cut off by a hooker with a hacksaw. Oddly enough the films title is "Hooker With A Hacksaw". The film is directed by Donald Farmer, written by Donald Farmer and Kasper Meltedhair (Kasper portrays the hooker) Donald is writer-director with titles such as "Cannibal Hookers" "Savage Vengence" and most recently "Shark Exorcist"(he was invited to Cannes film festival this past year) Kasper is a multimedia artist, musician, and actress (She plays the lead role) I couldn't resist working with these two awesome artists. They were going to buy a fake leg at the Halloween express in my hometown of Lexington KY, but the store was closed. That's ok, since I'm a builder, I'd rather make something than settle for a mass produced thing. The results were better than I could have hoped for, I hope this instructable helps you build what you want . Check out our FB page to see some of the chaos -

Step 1: Make an Armiture

i was supposed to be beaten to death with my own leg that has just been hacksawed off. The hacksawer has cut it off mid- thigh, so I wanted the prop to bend at the knee for a realistic effect. So I startedwith an armature that had the action I wanted. A friend had given me a manikin foot that had a hole in top 1.5"in diameter. I added a piece of PVC that size the length of my leg. I notched the top to allow the 2x2 to "flop" back and forth, but not swing out past the front of the knee. If you don't have the foot, you can notch the bottom of the PVC on both sides and add a piece of 2x2 to simulate a foot. I put the leg together with drywall screws, but I didn't tighten them much so the rig was loose. I knew when I added the foam padding it would restrict the movement so I made it extra sloppy. For the measurements i held up against my leg, and marked it with a sharpie. Next I rounded the end of the 2x2 to make it look more like a bone.

Step 2: Flesh Out the Leg

I needed to "flesh it out" so I used some old foam rubber I cut into strips and taped to the pvc. Then I started wrapping it with some burlap I had laying around. I formed the lower leg separate from the upper leg so it can move when she starts beating me to death.

Step 3: Flesh Out the Upper Leg

Next I fleshed out the upper leg using foam and tape. I later used a hot glue gun to glue to mess together. In hind sight I should have hot glued everything as I went. Taping it like this helped me to position the thigh parts, its trickier than it looks. I added small strips to where the knee is supposed to be that float over the joint, this allows the leg to slap around like there is a functional knee.

Step 4: Add Blood Sprayer Attachment

I already have a blood sprayer rig, its a pump up weed sprayer. I fill it half full and pump it 50 times for a good spray effect. I attached a clear hose with an I/O of 1/4" and connected that to a pex T connector. Then I made a loop with the same hose that would fit snuggly around the thigh below the cut off area. I had some small air tubing I scrapped off some old machine that I used for the small supply lines that allow the blood to spray out of multiple points. I cut small holes with a razor for the little lines to be inserted, they were rough, so I used some rubber cement to seal around them. I sliced into the top of the leg stump with a sharp razor and hot glued the little hoses into the top. Before hand I painted them red to help them blend in. Next I trimmed them flush with the severed stump. Then I connected the rig to a line and pulled the pants leg over the whole mess. In the pic you see push pins hold the pants up, for the scene I sewed the pants leg up and hot glued it as well to make it stay put. Thats a funny note about horror films, when a leg is amputated the pants leg stays up for no reason, And the amputated limb sprays blood like it has a heart and its own endless supply of blood, haha! Thats cannon for a bloody slasher film.

Step 5: Put Some Fake Blood on It

I used some cheap red craft paint to paint it red, but I wanted it to look bloodier. Raspberry jam to the rescue! I let it dry over night and added some wet just before we shot. Then pour some stage blood on it. You will want to test fire it in case you got any jam over the tubes, it should be fine. I'll put a link to the film here later, currently we are still filming. If you are interested in helping us little fledgling film makers with the expenses of fake blood, travel, food/ craft services and more than I can think that we still need, please check out our indiegogo fund raiser, Also you can get yourself a producer title if you pledge enough! Thanks and enjoy! -

Step 6:

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    8 Discussions

    I love this idea. I'm pretty sure if my leg was severed, I'd want it to spurt blood. Beings this is a slasher film, I'd be really disappointed if the leg only oozed blood. Great idea for Halloween...

    4 replies

    Thanks for looking, and for the kind comment. I forgot to mention the girl is beating me to death with my leg so it might cause blood to come flying out due to centripetal force, but yea the idea was for the leg to be spraying blood everywhere for the cinematic qualities we expect in a slasher film.

    Yep. Oozing would just not do.. Where can this movie be seen? Muahahahaha

    Thanks you for the interest! We are still in production. You can check our FB page for updates-

    I need to do another tutorial on how I used the leg, some football shoulder pads, a pillow and the actors shirt to simulate a decapitation! There are pics on the FB page of the torso on the ground with me and the crew posing for a pic, my real name is Mason... you probably would have figured that out though. Thanks again for looking

    no problem...I'll check out your facebook page too.

    Umm...the severed portion of a leg would have no blood pressure, being disconnected from the heart, so it wouldn't spray blood. It might ooze, but not spray.

    1 reply

    haha! good point. Its just what I expect to see in low budget slasher films though, lots of spurting blood. I added a note to #4. Thanks for pointing that out, and thanks for looking