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Neck warmers are one of the things I can't live without during the winters! It's funny how I've never tried to sew a neck warmer until now, really, instructables is inspiring me to make things everyday! I made 4 neck warmers with 4 different patterns in only 20 minutes and I couldn't wait to share the idea!

Anyways, this instructable will show how to make super easy yet cool neck warmers in 20 minutes! It was fun when I figured out that changing the positions of the buttons of a neck warmer can change the whole pattern of it!

Follow this ible to find out how buttons can change the pattern of a neck warmer and meanwhile try making yourself some cozy neck warmers or make'em as gifts! they're so easy to make, turn out great, so why not gift some warm, cozy neck warmers this Holiday season! :)

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Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these neck warmers you'll need:

1) Fleece fabric,
2) Scissor,
3) Sewing machine,
4) Thread and needle,
5) Large Buttons - wooden buttons would look great!,

You might also need- measuring tape, pencil or chalk.

Step 2: Cutting and Sewing

Sewing these neck warmers are super easy, all you have to do is-

  • Cut 2 pieces of fleece fabric (of same size),
  • Place one piece on the top of the other one, with both wrong sides facing out,
  • Sew all around the edges, but don't forget to keep a small area open because you'll have to turn the right side out,
  • After turning the right side out, fold the edges of the open side in and sew along the edge,

There, done!

The size of each neck warmer would depend on the users choice and it should fit on you or whoever you're making it for, so don't forget to measure the width and length before cutting the fleece fabric.

The width and length of my neck warmers are:-
Neck Warmer-1 : Width- 5 inches and length- 24 inches,
Neck Warmer-2 : Width- 5 inches and length- 26 inches,
Neck Warmer-3 : Width- 10 inches and length- 30 inches,
Neck Warmer-4 : Width- 10 inches and length- 30 inches.
These are the final width and length of the neck warmers, so I had to keep extra inches on both width and length of the fleece fabric while cutting.

Step 3: Patterns/ Templates

After you're done sewing the main fabric for the neck warmer it's time to add the buttons. I've attached 4 templates of the 4 neck warmers I've made, have a look at the templates, it might give you a little idea about the patterns.

For pattern 1 and 2 you can 4 buttons too, 2 in each row.

Step 4: Marking the Button Area

We're only one step away from the complete neck warmer, adding buttons! I didn't attach the buttons with the neck warmer in this step, only placed them on the neck warmer to mark the button holes and button areas.

Fold the neck warmers into its actual pattern and mark the area of the button/ buttons and button holes,

For pattern 3 and 4 you'll have to gather down the neck warmer in the middle and then create the main pattern.

For neck warmer-4: Notice the corners marked with 2 red circles, you'll have to join these 2 corners and pull the other end up, where you'll make the button hole and below that - the button.

Step 5: Adding Buttons

I used different wooden buttons and big round wooden beads, they look great in neck warmers.

Use the scissor to cut a small area for the button hole and stitch around the edges of the button hole using thread and needle,
Now that you'll have the button holes ready, fold the neck warmer to it's actual pattern (just to make sure you place the buttons correctly) and use a pencil or chalk to mark the buttons positions through the button holes.
And, simply attach the button/ buttons in its place (right below the button hole).

Now wear'em and feel warm :)

You might come up with more patterns, it's fun! I hope you enjoy making them :)

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Love these, but not sure what you mean by gather down the middle of the scarf for pattern #3. Can you help?

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Congratulations muhaiminah....!!first prize..woah..keep up the good work..I am really happy for you..! :)

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Wow, first prize in the sew warm contest! Congratulations!!! That prize is great, you really deserve it! :)

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congrats on becoming a finalist! Hope you get what you want :-)


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Congratulations on winning! I love this and may try to make one for my daughter in law! She stays cold and loves neck scarves! You did a nice job!


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Thanks so much sunshiine! I'm sure yours will turn out a lot better than mines! I hope she likes it, share a picture :)


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Congratulations for winning the second prize!! I don't have the special power of dreaming about winners, but I KNEW you were going to win one of the highest prizes! :D