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Hey y’all, today I’m sharing a slipper pattern to sew slippers from fleece. I have perpetually cold feet. Everyone who knows me knows this, and since I stopped teaching and work from home I have amassed a collection of warm socks and slippers so that I don’t have to put on actual shoes for most of the day. But when it gets really cold, I still didn’t have a pair that kept my feet quite warm enough, until this pair. Made from two layers of fleece, these have been keeping my feet toasty warm during a recent cold snap, and they’re a quick sew that would make a great gift.

Step 1: To Make Your Own, You’ll Need

1/4 yard of stretch fleece for the outer slipper. Most fleece has stretch in it, just double check yours to make sure it does1/4 yard of stretch fleece contrast for the lining. I used sherpa fleece in this pair, similar to this fabric (affiliate link)Hand sewing needle and thread for finishingOptional: shoe inserts (to stiffen the soles of the slippers) and fabric paint or nonslip fabric for the soles of the shoes.

Step 2: Procedure

Spread pattern pieces apart to lengthen and widen, overlap to shorten and narrow. Then retrace the pattern on a new paper.Cut 4 upper slippers from BOTH the lining and outer fabrics, making sure to mirror image them so that you have 2 right sides and 2 left sides of each. Cut 2 soles from BOTH the lining and outer fabrics, making sure to mirror image them so that you have a right foot and a left foot of each.If you want non slip soles, cut your outer soles from non slip fabric OR use fabric paint to add some traction, as I did with these pajama feet.Place the outer upper slippers right sides together, then stitch along the foot and heel (red lines below). Use a 1/4 inch seam. Make sure to backstitch the foot seam at the inner point. Repeat with other set of outer slippers.

Repeat this process with the lining, EXCEPT leave a hole in the heel of the lining for turning later.Open up the upper slippers and pin them right sides together with the soles, centering the upper seams at the center of the toe and heel. Repeat for all the lining and outer pieces, so that you have 4 slippers, and make sure there are 2 right feet and 2 left feet.

Stitch around the slippers, then turn the lining slippers right sides out.Match up the left foot of the right side out lining with the left foot of the wrong side out slipper, and do the same for the right feet.

Step 3: Lining

Insert the lining into the slipper, then match and pin around the ankle. Repeat with the other slipper, then stitch around the ankle of each.Turn each slipper right side out through the hole in the heel of the lining.

Step 4: Final Layer

When they’re right side out, they’ll look like the image above, with conjoined slippers. Push the lining into the slipper.If you’d like to add some extra structure to the shoe, insert a shoe insert through the hole in between the lining and the out fabric.Use a hand sewing needle and thread and a blind stitch to close up the hole in the lining of each and you’re done!



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    1 year ago

    Perfect to use all my leftover snuggly fabric I keep hoarding. Great idea and easy instructions, love them!

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    1 year ago

    very nice -- they look like something a chilly elf would wear!

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