Sew Snow Bunnies





Introduction: Sew Snow Bunnies

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These cute bunnies take around 20 minutes to make and are a great quick gift.

Step 1: Supplies

~Glue Gun
~Needle and Thread
~Black Fleece
~White Fleece
~Red Fleece
~Pink Fleece

Step 2: The Body

Cut out the body with white fleece. Then sew the sides together.

Note: leave a spot to turn inside out and stuff

Step 3: Cut

Cut two eyes, one pink nose, one black mouth and one scarf. Hand sew or hot glue the Pieces you cut onto the body

Step 4: Done!

Now you have your very own snow bunny! You can ether put them on your tree or hand them out as gifts. Hope you've enjoyed this instructable

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    That's an Urban Threads giving bunny. Both the machine embroidery and hand embroidery versions are free. They also have a PDF of some really cute tags to go with them.